Advanced Halo 2 Tips

Advanced Halo 2 Tips
By: Brendan McCaffery

I've decided share my best Halo 2 tips with you. These are the same tips that I use to great success on Xbox Live. I found most of these just by trying to survive. So add these moves to your arsenal, and you'll end up standing more often after battles.

The Jump Attack- Oh this is a good one. Ok, so imagine someone comes out of nowhere and is right behind you, shooting you. Instead of trying to turn around, back into them.

You've got to pay close attention to your motion sensor here. Continue backing up into the enemy until you are almost in bashing distance. Jump right then. You're momentum should carry you over the enemy, leaving you with an easy assassination. Pretty cool, huh?

Special Plasma Grenade Attack- This move doesn't work all the time, but it's worth trying since you have nothing to lose. O yea, only do this in a close-range battle.

Well the move is basically jumping up and throwing a plasma grenade straight down. Do this only when you are positive you are going to die. Most people move towards the body they just killed. Hopefully, your grenade will kill them if you have weakened them enough before you died.

The Spy Attack- The reaction you get from this one is great.

First, find a corner that a lot of people pass. Throw frag grenades in there to darken it. Even fire a rocket at it.

Once it is dark enough, get into the corner and crouch. Wait until someone passes by you, then run behind him and assassinate him. Feel free to give a him corpse hump or two afterwords to let him know that you just owned him.

Bait trick- This is probably the hardest of the advanced Halo 2 tips that I'm going to teach you.

Wait until you only have one shot left in a good gun, such as a sniper or brute shot. Drop the gun with the one shot in a high-traffic area, such as the top level of Ivory Tower.

Tell all of your teammates to not pick that weapon up. Get into a position where you can get a good shot at the high-traffic area.

Wait until someone picks up the gun and just unload on the unlucky idiot. He won't have enough time to switch weapons after firing the one shot before you've killed him.

These advanced Halo 2 tips take awhile to get down right so practice them with your friends first before using them in games. For more Halo 2 tips, go to Halo Insider

About The Author

Brendan McCaffery is an avid Halo 2 fan. He runs his own site, Halo Insider, which offers free Halo 2 tips, strategies, and cheats.

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