Silent Hill: Homecoming impressions for Xbox 360

It’s been away since I have blogged any game related news. Work, School and family have been my main concern these past few months. I’m back and ready to give my thoughts on Silent Hill. On the surface this game is gorgeous. It has made a smooth  transition form the original xbox to xbox 360.  The developers put a lot of time in making sure the environments are creepy and and full of fog, which is something we have come to expect in a Silent Hill game.

The biggest problem that I have with this game is the health pack and bullets. Where are they? I walk and died and walked and died. This would not normally be that bad if the enemy weren’t so overpowered. I have this game set on the normal difficulty and still trouble killing creatures with the pipe and axe. I think that if you are going make getting health packs rare you should get an achievement every time you find one. I spend more time at the reload screen then I do actually play this game.

I had to stop playing about halfway trough the game.  Give me some cheats or something. This game is not playable in the current build. That’s it for now until next time.

P.S How in the hell did you hire a whole testing team of blind people?


~ by biogamergear on November 3, 2008.

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