Far Cry Instincts for Xbox 360

I rented the Far Cry for the xbox 360 from GameFly.com. This game has the best looking water I have ever seen. This game is pretty awesome. Teamxbox did a comparism between the PC and Xbox 360. The xbox 360 won hands down. Everyone should check this game out. Some of the best looking graphics the Xbox 360 has to offer. This game is pretty tough so I found a couple of cheat codes that will help your experience on Far Cry for the 360. * Note the cheat codes are case sensitive.

     CODES                      EFFECTS

  • Enable Evoutions      FeralAttack
    • ImJackCarver           Gives Health
    • Bloodlust                Infinite Adrenaline
    • UnleashHell              Infinite Ammo

    These codes should help you through the tough parts of Far Cry.


    ~ by biogamergear on April 23, 2006.

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